Department to offer new Stem Cell Engineering Therapy course for fall 2016


The Department of Biomedical Engineering will begin offering a new course "Stem Cell Engineering and Therapy (BIOE 597)," in fall 2016. The course will be taught by Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Lance Lian.

Stem cell engineering and regenerative medicine are rapidly expanding research fields, and considerable hope is placed on the use of stem cells in medicine to repair tissue for diseases that are currently not curable.  

In order to realize the full therapeutic potential of stem cells, a number of challenges need to be overcome.  One of the most important prerequisites is to be able to generate, under defined conditions, adequate numbers of clinically relevant somatic cells that exhibit physiological phenotypes.  

The objective of the Stem Cell Engineering Therapy (BIOE 597) course is to provide students with the background, theory, and techniques of pluripotent stem cell engineering.  Topics will include the generation of iPSCs, the directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, the genome editing of human pluripotent stem cells, RNA-seq analysis of the stem cells and their derivatives, and disease modeling and therapies with stem cells.



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Stem cells derived human brain cells. Image credit: Su-chun Zhang, Steenbock Professor of Behavioral and Neural Sciences, the University of Wisconsin - Madison  



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